welcome to SPELS:
spiritual & emotional sYnthesis

feel better and 
like yourself more 
in kind connection

Since childhood I have helped hundreds of folks feel understood, accepted and appreciated through listening and touch. Doing massage professionally for 25 years ( reviews are here), I developed an interview and communication process that builds a relationship of friendship and trust, where dissolving in rich sensation and developing a more loving self-perception happen comfortably.

I currently facilitate personalized experiential education—creating experiences that reinforce you spiritually and emotionally.  The exact form depends on you; What would help you appreciate yourself more fully, befriend yourself more loyally, and believe in yourself more devotedly so that recognizing and doing what is best for you comes naturally? We will figure this out, in a therapeutic and educational relationship designed to empower you.

The process starts with a two-way interview and intake; figuring out how we can most productively work together. Feel welcome. Use the online booking system here. Or call or text to set up a time: 
Mo  • 541-525-0188