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Since childhood I have helped hundreds of folks feel accepted and appreciated through listening and touch. Doing healing work professionally for 25 years (reviews are here), I developed an interview and communication process that builds friendship, comfort and trust. With this in place, deeply relaxed  and cathartic experiences happen regularly.

Many of us have emotional content we either cannot access or do not know what to do with. Perceiving emotion directly, as energy in motion, brings awareness to it in ways that transform it, helping us accept it, release it, or use it constructively. That is what happens here: A safe situation to deepen emotion, self-connection and sensation. Experiential education in sensing energy directly and making emotional transitions. 

 The process starts with an intake form to dial in the exact first experience you are wanting and a conversation to discuss it before meeting. If you want to talk with me or video chat before doing the form, I am happy with that. Give me a call or text.  Your first session is risk free: It is good for you or it is free.

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In 1960 an anthropologist stumbled on a lineage of Native American metaphysicians thousands of years old. Over a period of thirteen years, the teachings of that tradition were installed in him through a process of  experiential education in sensing energy. The ten books of Carlos Castaneda, and others by Florinda Donner, Taisha Abelar, Merilyn Tunneshende and Armando Torres are access points to this tradition. Thirty years of experience with this system and its practitioners inform this work. 

In 1949 a German mystic came forward radiating divine energy. Thousands flocked to him to receive healing from disease and injury. Preaching a simple methodology, he taught countless seekers how to attune to a natural force, follow through on its commands, transmit it to each other, and restore alignment with health and order. The teachings of Bruno Gröning offer a simple practical cosmology for those who want profound results without much spiritual language or complexity. Ten years of experience with this system and its practitioners inform this work.

These two systems of transformation are at the core of what I do here. Your goals guide how we assemble a strategy appropriate for you: A customized Spiritual and Emotional Learning System.

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Your session will include a check in, where you can tell or ask me anything you want. All sessions begin with learning hand-signals so that you can always communicate your preferences, even when you are too relaxed to speak. 

The central part of the session will involve reiki (hands-off or hands-on), shiatsu (hands-on) or massage (hands-on);  your choice. The experience is not about fixing you physically, it is about building sensitivity to energy and emotion, in ways that help you relax into full awareness and self-acceptance.

All sessions end with a conversation where you close and integrate the experience, carrying your expanded state of awareness forward as a practical way of being. If you are too speechless at the end of the session, our  conversation will be by phone or Skype the next day.


Rates are individual. Those on the intake form are negotiable suggestions. We will find a rate that works for both of us.

Sessions are two hours minimum, and with the check in and wrap up may be three or more. A session is billed as a unit, not by time. Our priorities are quality experience, well-tended relationship and successful integration. Dollars and time are at their service.


Currently, in Oregon, a few hundred people over 70 are having serious physical symptoms, a few thousand adults are having colds and flus, and millions of us are beginning to show dangerous psychological symptoms of solitary confinement and running out of money. Come decompress. Rejoin the human community. Masks are welcome, and optional.

What would help you appreciate yourself more fully, befriend yourself more loyally, and care for yourself more devotedly, so that recognizing and doing what is best for you come naturally? We will figure this out, in a relationship customized to empower you. The process starts with an intake form and interview, establishing how we  work together. Fill out the form and use the online booking system to set up a time to talk with me, and away we'll go.
Mo Lohaus  • 541-525-0188